Cape Verdean Music of Amandio Cabral
"Um Caboverdeano Satisfeito" (A Satisfied Cape Verdean)
 Cape Verdean Music of Amandio Cabral

Um Caboverdeano SatisfeitoUm Caboverdeano Satisfeito (A Satisfied Cape Verdean)
Songs composed and sung by Amandio Cabral (2004)

Amandio Cabral looks back over a life of composing and performing music.

“I . . realize how much I have been blessed, and I have to say, I am satisfied.”

This CD contains 18 songs written and interpreted by Amandio Cabral. The recordings were made at various times during his long, productive life. They include Lembrando Cabo Verde, Tristalegria, Momento Magico, Unidad, Xandinha, and others.

Cabral is accompanied by musicians such as Al Plank and Larry Dunlap. You can hear the jazz influence, but you can also hear the rhythms of Cabo Verde.

This CD allows you to meet Cabral’s extended family as well. It contains great family photos from the past and the present.

Amandio does not sing professionally any more. Luckily, these beautiful performances have been cherished and preserved.

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