Cape Verdean Music of Amandio Cabral
"Jazz das Ilhas" (Island Jazz)
 Cape Verdean Music of Amandiio Cabral

Jazz das Ilhas / Island Jazz"Jazz das Ilhas" (Island Jazz)
Larry Dunlap, Ray Loeckle, Charlie McCarthy, Seward McCain,
Jeff Carney, John Scifflett, Steve Erquiaga, and Jim Zimmerman
play the music of Amandio Cabral (2005)

"These selections are intended for people who are relaxing, who want a little touch of music . . ." says Cabral. Some of these melodies have their origins in the Republic of Cape Verde, where Cabral was born. This is jazz that resembles the sound of waves.

Living on an island, surrounded by the sea, one can feel both isolated and centered. On several of the Cape Verde islands, one can look in two, even three, directions, and see only the Atlantic Ocean. Cape Verde is hundreds of miles from the nearest continent.

There are no borders, except those imposed by nature. Ships arrive; people and their music mingle; and then the ships depart. When islanders leave for the "mainland," it is not always easy to return. Missing their islands, Caboverdeans sing songs of sodade.

On this CD, you can listen to:
  1. Larna
  2. Caminho Di San Tome’
  3. Bouvardia
  4. Tristeza Nao
  5. Love In The Mist
  6. Love, Let Go Of Me
  7. See To It
  8. Delia Querida
  9. Beauty Queen
  10. Waltz For Bobbe
  11. The Sands of Salamanca
  12. Tristalegria

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