Cape Verdean Music of Amandio Cabral
"Fly With My Love"
 Cape Verdean Music of Amandio Cabral

Fly With My Love Fly With My Love

Inspired interpretations of the compositions by Amandio Cabral, who has received well-deserved fame as the composer of some of Cesaria Evora’s biggest hits.

This music fuses African and Brazilian sounds with jazz.

Fly With My Love contains Cabral’s composition Sodade, the unofficial national anthem of Cabo Verde, as well as Sandpiper Stroll, Amor E Solitude, Say You Love Me, Rainha de Beleza, the title track, and others.

In addition to Larry Dunlap's piano, this recording features some of California's top musicians: guitarist Steve Erquiaga (known world-wide for his solo guitar work and his years with Andy Narell), multi-woodwind player Charlie McCarthy, bassist John Shifflett and percussionists Jim Zimmerman and Kendrick Freeman. The musicianship is first-class and the bittersweet romantic sound of Cabral's compositions shines through every cut.

“Pianist Larry Dunlap and group mix the easy, swaying rhythms of [Amandio] Cabral’s homeland, the Cape Verde Islands, with straight-ahead improvisation. . . Not quite salsa, nor Afro-Cuban, the music here has a near-samba quality that is infectious and easy to move with. The band plays well together and the arrangements by Dunlap drive the melodies forward in a compelling manner. The names of some of these tunes sound as good as the compositions themselves; hear the music in the words, ‘Rainha de Beleza’ or ‘Quero O Teu Amor.’”
(Michael Handler,

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